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Announcing Our Series A Financing


Today I’m excited to announce the closing of our Series A financing led by Safeguard Scientifics. To find others who simultaneously believe in our mission, and ability to achieve it is exciting and humbling at the same time.

On the surface, our story is a familiar one. We play a part in streamlining the flow of information among the various stakeholders who need it throughout the continuum of healthcare. While many aspire to broaden the flow of information, our healthcare ecosystem remains fragmented – separated by conflicting interests that are at odds with a shared philosophy of better outcomes at lower costs.

If shared-savings is both carrot and stick, absent the longitudinal view of a patient, it is all rhetoric. While it’s daunting to open up and exchange [proprietary] data, a willingness to collaborate with all parties is what it’s going to take to realize the vision we all share for the future of our healthcare system.

And that’s what we’re about here at Moxe – providing the people, process and technology required to broker the exchange of information among groups who need to share information, but who also need to be extremely thoughtful about how that happens. We want to be your trusted partner.

From all of us at Moxe, we’re excited to be addressing a foundational challenge in moving our healthcare system forward. If you’re interested in joining our undertaking, don’t hesitate to reach out. The tent is very large.


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