Illustration of heart

Valentine to HIMSS and HERSS


How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways,
And rank them, not as allegories,
But Condition Categories’
Hierarchic phrase.

Come to me, and let us nestle.
Fill my heart’s poor empty vessel,
Fill me here or fill me there,
With your value bas’d care.

Your physician order entry,
Into love dismissed the sentry,
Of my lonely, loveless workflows.
Come and please tear off my scrub clothes!

I am but a patient mortal,
Yet you breached my patient portal,
Overtaking password’s care:
Love upload by ransomware.

My heart’s screen you clicked right through.
Pinch me hard. My heart’s Code Blue.
I’m not dreaming, nor unsure nor —
Call McKesson, check with Cerner.

Though you’re old and I am NextGen,
Loneliness cannot survive when,
Epic romance rewrites All-scripts,
Read by Shakespeare lovers’ true lips.

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