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MedTech Breakthrough: Moxe is the Best Release of Information Solution!


We won, we won! Moxe is happy to announce that we’ve been recognized as the Best Release of Information solution by MedTech Breakthrough, an independent organization that honors the top companies, technologies, and products in the global health and medical technology market.

Moxe’s vision is to align health care for a better tomorrow, and we’re accomplishing that by breaking down the silos that have prevented data from being used effectively in the past. We are fundamentally changing the way that the health care ecosystem interacts by accelerating the exchange of data, easily read by both humans (think optimized PDFs) and machines (think discrete data elements). Having clinical data readily available means precise, actionable information will drive everyday decision making.

We use best-in-class technology to automate data exchange, leveraging a variety of standards (FHIR, HL7 v2, XDR, etc.) to connect to EMRs. Our integration platform, Substrate, has broken down the barriers between health plans and health systems so that they can collaborate without delay, without paper, and without error. And because Substrate was built from the ground up with health care in mind, access controls are fundamental to its architecture, ensuring that only the right data is shared with the right people. With Substrate: Chart Retrieval, our network gets a single point to access all of the clinical and administrative data they need to provide exceptional, cost-effective care.

We focus on innovation because it moves the health care industry forward, not because we’re looking for awards. But it’s nice to be recognized anyway.

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