Moxe Releases Digital ROI™ Solution


Imagine a world in which you actually love processing chase lists. It’s now possible.

What if you could process all payer release of information requests without having to open, read, and sort each request? Without fax machines? Without printing?

What if you could do it for a fraction of your current costs?

Moxe has launched its newest feature, Digital ROI™. Our solution automates the coordination, extraction, and delivery of ROI for all payer chart requests. And we mean all.

Finally, a way to stay on top of payer ROI requests. No more busy season, no more backlog.

How it works

This release of information feature allows health systems to digitally handle all payer chart requests promptly and efficiently. Through our workflow, you will be able to handle chase lists in three simple steps: Upload, Review, and Send. Let Moxe take care of the rest.

Stay informed and in control with our intuitive workflow. Use the web interface to upload a standard CSV file with the request details. Through our automation, Moxe has a match rate of 98%. In the rare instance of validation issues, they are clearly shown and can be quickly fixed within the workflow. No lost hours spent tracking down details. Send charts quickly and accurately—reducing the likelihood of technical denials.


After review, simply click “send” for the PDF to be bundled and routed instantly and securely to the payer. And Voila! You’re done.

The most transparent reporting in the industry.

With Moxe, you are in control. We offer the most transparent reporting in the industry. Know precisely how efficient your process is—up to hundreds of charts per hour—through the real-time reporting dashboard. You’ll be able to track exactly how many charts you’re processing, the turnaround time, and performance against benchmark.

Reporting dashboard

Charts tracking the progress of Digital ROI™, including total charts, avg. per hour, avg. delivery time, and more

Five reasons to love Digital ROI™

Take the burden out of chase lists. Digital ROI™ is intuitive, straightforward and simple to navigate. Here are some reasons health systems are loving this solution:

    1. Accuracy: Moxe has a match rate of 98% without human intervention. Be notified of any exceptions during the review phase. Our automation process removes the likelihood of human error.
    2. Transparency: We offer the most transparent ROI process in the industry. Our intuitive platform is easy to navigate and process. The reporting dashboard allows you to see exactly how effectively Digital ROI™ is performing.
    3. Efficiency: Higher volume of charts processed, faster. No more missed deadlines, no more duplicates. With Digital ROI™’s ability to batch chase lists, thousands of charts can be processed in a fraction of the time. In fact, our solution can process and deliver 5 times more charts per hour than a team of 10 people. With the ability to scale through automation, you won’t have the burden of a backlog.
    4. Security: Our process is HIPAA-compliant and SOC 2 Type 2 Audited. Moxe has delivered millions of charts without a security breach. How? Our automated solutions remove the human variability in record retrieval and ensure that only the right data is sent to the right place – every time. Our user-defined access controls and configurable release rules send only the minimum necessary data that you’ve approved.
    5. Affordability: Guaranteed ROI from your ROI. Moxe provides a 5-10x return on investment. Save on clerical and hard costs. Our automation removes the manual process of printing and faxing. No more need for seasonal staff-up during “busy season.” And all for a fraction of the cost. Click here to calculate your savings with Moxe.

Moxe provides a 5-10x return on investment.


Quicker processing time. Higher volume. Fewer technical denials. And all with a guaranteed return on investment. Sound too good to be true? Let’s chat. 

Schedule a demo today and see how Moxe can transform your ROI.

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