Announcing AHIMA dHealth

Helping digital health products demonstrate their protection of patient health information


As experts in the management and protection of personal health information, AHIMA has partnered with Moxe to create AHIMA dHealth™, a solution where providers and other healthcare stakeholders can discover which digital health products meet industry data protection standards.

Through the AHIMA dHealth™ Assessment, digital health products, like consumer apps, can pass and receive the AHIMA dHealth™ Approved seal for following best practices for privacy and security. All approved products will be listed in an online directory that providers, payers, and others can use to verify the product has earned the designation.

The Need for AHIMA dHealth™

AHIMA dHealth™ is particularly relevant because of the recently implemented Cures Act Final Rule, which gives patients the power to direct providers to share their health records with third-party digital health companies who are not automatically governed under HIPAA. This means patients now have the power to direct providers to share their health records with third-party digital health products, including consumer health apps.

For Digital Health Companies

Earning AHIMA dHealth™ Approval shows that a digital health product takes privacy and security seriously and helps establish a product’s reputation as an industry leader that secures and protects patient health information. It also helps build trust with providers and patients, and may improve response times when retrieving patient health information.

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For Providers

The program will make it easier and simpler for providers to comply with the rule and grant patient information requests while helping to reduce the number of Content & Manner exceptions. Stakeholders can also utilize the online directory information to assist in patient education regarding application safety.

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