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Dan Wilson


Newborns and the AHIMA dHealth™ Program

Sleep deprivation and deep thoughts Maybe it’s the new dad sleep deprivation, but as I was rocking our newest addition...

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Computers and devices photo


How to completely wreck your EMR

If you’ve ever wanted to take a sledge hammer to your medical records system, be careful! You want to make...

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Photo of California landmark Golden Gate Bridge


I Wish They All Could Be California (Data Privacy) Laws

Editor’s Note: This is part of a shared blog series between Trifecta General Counsel and Moxe,  chronicling the journey to...

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Photo of Virginia state highway signs


Virginia is for lovers (of data privacy)

Trifecta General Counsel and Moxe Health have joined to present this series, helping you understand interactions between state privacy laws...

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50 Shades of Privacy: Understanding State-based Data Compliance

Editor’s Note: This is the first of a shared blog series between Trifecta General Counsel and Moxe,  chronicling the journey...

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Photo of vultures circling


Cybercriminals Focus on Healthcare and Senior Executives

Ransomware across all industries has declined since 2015. That’s the good news. The bad news is that that cyber-gangs are...

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Photo of Kelly's Computer Works storefront


PHI Faxed to the Same Wrong Number for Years

For years, a used-computer store in Saskatchewan has been receiving patient records over its fax line. The owner has tried...

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Photo of fax machine with X over it


A Different Vowel for "Fax"

Of course we mean “fix.” Another vowel may be appropriate for faxing’s effect on healthcare, though. A recent article in...

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Photo of stacks of paper


Eliminate Breaches by Removing Potential for Human Error

We need to stop faxing patient charts. It is archaic. And quite frankly, it is irresponsible, as it increases the...

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