COVID-19 Update

Moxe COVID-19 Business Continuity Update

Dear friends,

As we experience the daily developments related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the world continues to rapidly change around us, we want to reach out to our partners, and prospective partners, to let you know what you can expect from Moxe during this challenging time.

First and foremost, our thoughts and well-wishes go out to those who have been directly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and those working on the front lines to treat and control its spread. We are with you and we will get through this together.

We are closely monitoring information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and state health departments. In response to that information, we closed our offices in Madison, WI, and our team began working remotely the week of March 9. As of March 17 all employees are working from home.

We’re fortunate in that Moxe has practiced remote work since 2015, and a third of our team was already working from home when we shut down the office last week. While the rest of us are learning how to optimize our work from home setups, the infrastructure, policies, and processes we’ve used for the last 5 years are allowing for a quick transition.

Our work will continue with limited adjustment so we can honor our commitment to you and the important work you do.

Staffing: Our team is at full strength. In addition to supporting you – our partners – it is imperative we take care of our people and community. All employees have medical insurance and flexible paid-time-off. We’ve introduced flexible working hours for staff to make sure they can complete work while managing dynamic family needs. This means our implementation, support, engineering, and product teams continue to move at full speed. It also means you may hear young voices in the background during calls or video chats – thanks in advance for your understanding. To provide additional bandwidth we continue to hire new staff across the organization. Headcount will grow by 10% during the month of March.

Uptime: All systems are running at full capacity. We understand the importance of keeping all of your systems up-and-running during this time. We maintain comprehensive business continuity arrangements that are regularly tested as part of our ongoing business continuity and disaster recovery program. We are continuing to monitor the health of any of our business-critical vendors to mitigate downstream impacts that may affect you.

As we continue to adapt to the ever-shifting landscape, it is a reminder about how we all need to band together to overcome challenges and complexities. What is most important now is that you stay safe and healthy. Please find below a set of FAQs on our readiness to support customers during this period. Our team is here for you, and we’ll continue to keep you updated and informed.

Stay healthy,
Dan Wilson

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Q: What is Moxe doing to monitor the situation?
A: We are keeping an eye on developments related to the coronavirus. Our operations team is actively monitoring the situation through many trusted information sources such as the WHO and CDC. To protect our customers, partners, and employees, we’re restricting travel, requiring employees to work from home, and taking other measures.

Q: Will employees working from home have access to PHI?
A: Nothing has changed in regards to employee access to PHI. Your data remains secure, private, and encrypted in transit and rest. Our team is following the policies and procedures we’ve developed over the last five years managing a remote workforce to ensure the safety of the data we work with.

Q: How is customer support being handled with employees working from home?
A: Customer support has been provided remotely for a number of years. We recently implemented a new customer support platform to eliminate any single points of failure. If a customer support representative becomes unable to work all issues, notes, and outcomes are captured in a manner where any other Moxe rep can jump in and pick up where they left off. We’re confident our systems and procedures can continue to support our customers and partners during this time.

Q: Will there be delays in certain services or support resolutions?
A: At this stage, we do not expect delays. We’re confident that our systems and procedures can continue to support our customers and partners during this time.

Q: Should we expect any disruptions, downtime, or latency in regions affected by the virus?
A: No, at this stage, we do not expect any direct user-facing impact as a result of our response to the situation. We will keep customers informed through the usual channels should the situation change.