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Managing risk is a complex process that often means juggling the needs of both health plans and health systems. Our technology helps you bridge the gap to seamlessly connect with each.

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Digital Release of Information


We believe in streamlining the clinical workflow to help simplify the risk management process for health systems. Convergence is our framework which allows us to embed web solutions directly into an EMR. It blends and delivers data from multiple sources to health care providers, so they know what to review and what data to act on - all without interrupting their workflow.

Digital Release of Information

The right data is key to helping health plans and health systems effectively manage risk. Get the data electronically and instantly using Substrate—our HIPAA-compliant data exchange platform. This includes everything from electronic medical records to real-time insights, analytics, and administrative data. All flowing securely based on user-defined access controls and configurable release rules, and 100% digitally from source to source.

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