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We're Moxe

(pronounced like “moxie”)

In 2012, our dream was to change health care by creating a way to easily connect the entire ecosystem through a complete exchange of data. The catch being this data would need to be easily read by humans and machines, so precise, actionable information could lead everyday decision making.

Today, the dream is becoming reality thanks to our collaboration with some of the nation’s largest carriers to create a growing, interactive network reaching tens of millions of patients, health systems, and health plans.

The Moxe Mindset

  • Integrity

    We have high standards and expect honesty and sincerity.

  • Transparency

    We are open and accessible in everything we do.

  • Respect

    We practice humanity and humility. We serve one another, not our egos.

  • Frankness

    We mean what we say and say what we mean.

  • Persistence

    We make a difference by committing to long-term objectives.

  • Sustainability

    We build long-lasting solutions of the highest quality.

  • One Team

    We win together.


  • Dan Wilson


    After years of working in health IT, Dan recognized the need to create a more secure and efficient exchange among health systems, health plans, and other health care vendors. The result was Moxe, a seamless way to connect those across the health care ecosystem.

  • Mike Coyne


    Mike is a proven leader with significant experience growing, scaling and optimizing Health IT and information services businesses. His expertise covers everything from CEO, board member, advisor and practicing lawyer. He has overseen the successful growth of technology startups, health plans, and multi-billion dollar companies.

  • Mike Arce


    Mike works closely with all of our customers and Moxe teams, partnering to define intuitive, effective solutions, in the near-and long-term.
    He has an extensive background in health care with various health systems and first-hand knowledge on how complicated it can get.

  • Rachel Sisco

    Head of Implementation and Support

    Rachel brings over 15 years of experience in managing complex health care IT projects to Moxe's implementation and support teams. She ensures customers receive the highest level of service and is the most organized person at Moxe. From what we hear, that organization doesn't transfer to her personal life where she is frequently spotted late to school potlucks and utilizing Target's drive-through service for last minute needs.

  • Christy White

    Head of People Operations

    Christy is a seasoned operations specialist with a passion for improving the workplace experience at her company. She enjoys focusing her time on attracting and retaining the highest quality employees. At Moxe, she places an emphasis on building not only a strong culture but a strong community for her employees to thrive. She has a personal interest in diversity and inclusion and integrates both deeply in Moxe's day-to-day operations.
    She comes to work excited to be a part of Moxe's exceptionally talented team, striving to improve health care, while creating an incredible environment for employees to grow and have fun.

Advisory Board

Matt Edwards

Chief Network Development Officer

Methodist Health System (Nebraska)

David Lehr

Chief Information Officer

Anne Arundel Health System

Melissa Owens

SVP of IT Application Engineering

Aurora Health System

Anshul Pande

Chief Technology Officer

Stanford Children’s

Jeffrey Thomas

Chief Information Officer

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Investors & Partners

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