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Collaboration within your EHR

We’ve built a completely digital solution that gives you the control to instantly and securely share and receive data with health plans directly in your EHR.

From HCC reconciliation and closing care gaps to completing annual wellness visits and general releases of medical records, our clinical data clearinghouse helps you improve patient outcomes and increase shared savings.

Have a specific request? We’ll work with you—and your health plan partners—to get you exactly what you need.

Digital ROI™

ONC Information Blocking Rule Compliance

Clinical Data Clearinghouse

Care Management

Risk Adjustment

Quality Management

Digital ROI™

Take back control of your Release of Information. Process chase lists 10x faster with Moxe.

Our intuitive workflow automates the coordination, extraction, and delivery of ROI for all requests. The real-time reporting dashboard shows process transparency and efficiency improvements.

Our solution is so effective, you’ll get 5-10 times your return on investment—true ROI from your ROI.

ONC Information Blocking Rule Compliance

The 21st Century Cures Act has several implications for how health information is protected, exchanged, and collected.

Our work to prepare providers for Cures is an extension of our longstanding mission: to offer a simple control center to service data requests from any third party - automatically and securely through Digital ROI™.

Our technology allows us to standardize data to comply with the rule, configure access controls based on your policies and preferences, and provide seamless data tracking and robust audit capabilities.

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Clinical Data Clearinghouse

Cut the complexity of collaborating with health plans by establishing a process for seamless, digital, and secure data exchange. When a health plan needs access to clinical data, we make sure the data is regulated and authorized before any request, transfer, or release of patient information.

Our HIPAA-compliant solution adheres to strictly defined access controls and configurable release rules to ensure (and insure) only the data you’ve approved is sent. Feel confident knowing we’re SOC 2 Type 2 audited, and have sent tens of millions of charts, saving thousands of hours and millions of dollars.

Care Management

Better patient care starts with accurate and complete patient data. Our solutions connect you directly with health plans to give you a clearer picture of patients in your care. Stop guessing and directly access outside claims and clinical insights instantly, directly in the EHR. No more outside portals or paper reports.

Risk Adjustment

Streamline the risk adjustment process. Use the insights generated by your health plan to identify and schedule high-risk patients. During the visit, instantly review and accept or reject HCC codes at the point of care. No more waiting or chasing down patients based on requests from your health plan.

When the patient visit is over, feel confident knowing all the necessary documentation will be generated and sent to your health plan. We’ll focus on clinical documentation integrity, so you can focus on your patients.

Quality Management

In risk-bearing or value-based contracts, missing documentation means missing revenue and lower quality or HEDIS scores. We’ve changed that by making a traditionally paper-driven process completely digital.

Moxe allows you to improve HEDIS scores and optimize revenue by sharing the specific information from your EHR directly with your health plan. Our process is digital, secure, and because data can be presented back into the EHR, able to be used to close gaps directly at the point of care.

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