Chart Retrieval

Fast, accurate, complete clinical data – at a lower cost

It’s time to eliminate faxes, phone calls, long waits, and big expenses for charts delivered in formats you cannot use. We streamline the exchange of clinical data, delivering the charts you need in a way that works for you.

chart retrieval

The benefits of our Chart Retrieval solution are clear:

Faster turnaround times

Because we are 100% digital, we can process 1,000 charts in a matter of minutes directly through the provider EHR, saving time and money.

Accurate, usable, and audit-ready data

With a patient-member match rate exceeding 98%, we deliver high quality clinical data in standard and custom formats (e.g., PDF, XML, JSON, FHIR) to support a variety of payer use cases, including audits.


Direct connectivity to providers

Chart Retrieval gives you direct connectivity to our growing network of more than 150,000 providers across 80+ hospital systems.


Trusted and secure

EHR agnostic, Moxe is embedded directly in the leading EHRs and includes strict protocols that deliver the precise information you need to support payment and operations.


Cost effective

By eliminating administrative waste and delivering timely, comprehensive clinical data, we save payers money every day.

Seamless provider collaboration

Our digital solution means you get what you need without having to nag providers, and they like that. A lot.

Direct connectivity to providers. Collaboration for the long-term.

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It’s not just about saving money. Automating chart retrieval makes us money by helping to close care gaps and get those risk adjusted conditions documented appropriately. That is how CMS reimburses us.

- National health plan

When collecting medical records can happen in a more administrative friendly way, you’re not putting people in cars and you’re not managing paper. The gains in efficiency are significant.

- National health plan